Monday, October 15, 2012


i think it's funny how everyone finds the life i lead as strange or how they make certain assumptions of what is right or what should be acceptable. the fact that i am a lesbian that works for a missions along side 20 nuns is my adventure not yours. it's more than my job it's my life and at the end of it i will have to answer for myself not you. my life is not based on what everyone else thinks. i do think its quite humorous that i work with nuns, but i count myself as blessed to have such strong independent women in my life in a time when those types of women are few and far between. i would be lucky to be like them. no i won't take vows of silence or celibacy, but i will vow to stand my ground and walk forward when everyone else has stopped to open their mouths and judge. i've found my passion. what have you found? 

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