Wednesday, February 5, 2014

coming home.

its amazing to me how people can spend their entire life wanting to escape the town they were born in. that's their whole live's dream is to just run away to some place new and maybe it was my dream too at one time. it's crazy how years can change someone, how things can be forgotten so quickly. I love this place, out of all the places here captivates me. driving these back roads at night with the windows rolled down has kind of became my religion. I breath it in and pray i'll never have to leave.

Monday, February 3, 2014




she never tells me how she really feels. shes afraid it might hurt. she shuts down. she runs away. there are things i wish i didn't do or say, things i wish i didn't feel but i felt them. i wish i could erase them so they wouldn't be so hard to replay. don't think they don't haunt me. don't think i don't deal with it everyday. when i look at you i can't figure out what made you stay. 


Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night & i roll over & breathe you in. It's like watching my favorite movie. It replays constantly in my head. All the letters, all the goodbyes, followed by all the awkward hellos. You know the ones after months of barley hearing your voice. All the adventures. All the times you remembered when it would have been easier to forget. The way your skin feels against mine and how I can look in your eyes when my world is complete chaos and suddenly feel like its going to be alright. I always go back to sleep because I know if you're there I'm home. 
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