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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Top 35

i guess since ive been away im playing catch up on everything that i want to post
but im fine with that.
here's my top 35 favs for tuesday.

1-being with the friends &  family
2- warm sunny 60 degrees + days
3- Building forts & watchin movies all day
4- wearin my badass booties when the floor is cold in the house
5- swingin' on swings
6- holding hands
7- getting up early & eatin a good breakfast instead of junk like brownies
8- Fudge Rounds
9- when someone you like texts or calls
10- finding money in pockets
11- the smell of laundry detergent
12- dressing up once in a blue moon
13- walkin owen
14- being okay with your hair getting wet from the rain
15- singing loudly in the car with the windows rolled down
16- being on time for important things
17- watchin garden state
18- snuggle time
19- takin a ton of random pictures
20- goin some place new atleast once a week downtown
21- Capri Suns

22- homemade cooking
23- Goin on vacation
24- flirting
25- making eye contact with someone you are totally crushin on
26- when good things happen to good people
27- Fresh Slices
28- having a little crush
29- budlight & camel turkish gold cigs
30- late nights with the roomies talkin shit
31- sun flowers
32- seeing em when she 's home
33- laughing so hard your stomach hurts
34- sweet tea from sonic
35-happy endings

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