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Monday, December 3, 2012

Forever Numb.

also in my moving i found this... & usually i wouldn't post this, but i think it's worth reading and re-writing because i remember feeling it & it shouldn't be lost. i guess i think someone will connect with it & maybe it will hit them in their heart like it hit me. those are the short lines i like to read. the ones where they hit you & you hold onto them forever...

There are so many things i wish i understood. I know people say you should live with no regrets, but i find that hard. It's been 3 years and sometimes when i close my eyes i still hear your voice begging me not to go, asking me to stay, and i turned around and walked out. I let you go, i gave up not only on you, but on us. I've never been the same since that night. It's like it haunts me. It's like i close my eyes and i see your face and for a few quick moments everything stops....and that's when it hits me. That's the moment i regret. I let you slip away. I gave up. That's the moment i stopped feeling, i became forever numb. 

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