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Thursday, June 21, 2012

letting go.

sometimes you just want to sit down & have one of these crys that is horrible. like one of the worse crys ever. the laying on the floor can't hardly breathe cry. the one where you feel so alone where you just wish someone would come & make it alright. i didn't want to do this with out you & maybe its time i faced the reality that i have to. you didn't wait. you didn't come after me. you let me walk away effortlessly. like it was easy. its amazing how 6 months changes everything. changes the people we were into the people we are now. maybe that's what fate wants. did i mention i hate fate. i keep replaying everything & all i want to do is sleep. to just slip away & not dream of you anymore. i want a new dream one without you. one that ends differently. i wanted to wake up with no more memories, not more hurt, i wanted to forget you. i wanted to let go  & i wanted to be ok with it. i needed to be ok with it.
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