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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

what if.

i wish things were easier. i wish i could see the big picture & i wish i knew i was making the right choices ahead of time. it's like something is right in front of your face & you know what the best choice is & you know that choosing it will most likely be for the best in the end, but you don't do it. you don't make the rational choice. you make the choice that you know will most likely break your heart. you don't all the way know or obviously you wouldn't make the choice. does that make the choice you made the wrong one? & that leads me to my problem. why do we go for the one thing that hurts us. the one thing that rips you apart. why do we run when your head is telling you you are making a horrible choice. i think you run because your heart hurts. you run because of what if? what if you don't run, what if you stay? it's like you loose either way. you're hurting all the way around. in the end it's the ultimate battle. the battle between your head & your heart.

what if you never choose a side. What if you run straight ahead & you leave everything behind. What if...
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